Tuesday, December 20, 2011



I guess this is going to be a slightly different post than usual. I'm finally on winter break FREE  for a while, i really needed this time .
Its good for me to keep myself busy  so that way i wont fall into my over thinking process and into my nostalgia phase but i also like having time for myself and i think this Decemeber is going to be great month for that.
i have no "theme" for this particular post, i just want to keep in contact and post regularly.
Today i have no special photos to share BUT i do have something to show you. I've been taking film photographs and experimenting with film and i have my first roll, so thats what i'm sharing: my first film photographs, nothing special really just some photos of me around my citys downtown, my car my dog and stuff like that, this way you can see me and my surroundings. Thats whats this post is about.
I'm still taking lots of film photos so expect some more in the future, i think film is growing on me .

 On my last shoot ( the pics of my last post) i decided to take some with film :

my mom and the christmas tree .

   Looking For Alaska, my favorite book .
   My car, my dog and me .
Looking For Alaska .

Sunday, November 27, 2011


        Crowded streets, city lights, tall buildings, walls full of art, people running around late for work, coffee shops full of lovers of good literature, taxi men full of stories to talk with passengers, inspiration .
      Those are some of the few things that come to my mind when i think about New York City.
     Cliche? Not at all .
     This blog post is called "Big Dreams", because THIS all of what i'm mentioning here is my dream.  Living in New York, build a life there, start in a small apartment and then move my way up, walk the streets of this city and be amazed at what i see.  I want to be a photographer, be involved in film, fashion, everything and theres where New York City comes in.  What a better city  to be all that? Just NY.
  You may think why am i not talking about Paris if i want to do all that,  and i'm not saying i'll never live in Paris but, New York has  my heart.

     I'm 19 i wanted to go to college there, unfortunately money  was not on my side so i was not able to go but BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY  that one day i'll be there and i'll wake up to a beautiful view of the city from my window, i'll walk the streets and take pictures of absolutely everything, every day, every hour, every minute, every second.  I'll never get tired of taking pictures there, and it won't matter if its the same picture of the same place at the same hour, because i will always find something different and thats the beauty of NY.
I've never been to NY and yes, i know some of you are thinking "why is she talking and saying all of this about NY if she have never visited?"   I would think the same, but like i said New York has my heart and thats why  right now i don't need to visit to know all of this because well.. i just know.
  I can't wait to visit the city of my dreams, the city where i want to move and build a part of my life, meet people and cultivate what i do and what  i like to do.
i know its not far away.
I've always been a girl that over think stuff but most important i've always been a girl that dreams a lot, and i dream big.
I think we all need that, so go ahead and do it : DREAM BIG .


ps. These are some pictures i took yesterday, well actually today like at 5 am obviously inspired in NY. The self portrait is my picture and the overlay picture of New York is not mine, i found it and wanted to create something just for doing art. So credits for the NY picture  go to whoever took it .

black and white version , which one do you prefer?

      and a simple self portrait .

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


it seems that every time i try to write something in this blog its about me wanting to do something different. wanting to go places or change things but nothing ever happens.
 I recently came across a video of a tv series i used to like, and on the video the character is reading an essay he wrote and it was about his  "tragic flaw" saying that he couldn't change, that the more things change, the more they stay the same. And that really got me thinking...its absolutely true.
  No matter how bad i want things to change, they don't.  why? i would love to know but i don't.

So yeah, my tragic flaw is basically the same : my inability to change.
and oohh what a flaw.

 There are quotes around that says that the people who look the happiest, or are always smiling are the ones that once they get home, they feel lonely and cry at the comfort of their loneliness and i can assure you, this is totally true because i am one of those people and i never even realized .
Sometimes i think, am i the only one thinking all these things? am i really this fucked up? why the hell do i have to always think think think and rethink everything? that gets me nowhere, and as much as i try i cannot change that and thats my tragic flaw.

I'm looking forward to write one day on this blog and be proud to say that i've changed. I know that "change" doesn't happen over night and by the time that we change maybe we don't even notice. But once we do we don't really want to go back, cause thats what life is about right?  to enjoy and become a better person.

Maybe a lot of people share the same tragic flaw, maybe we are having a hard time to change and yes it is bad, but we are not killing anyone...maybe ourselves a little .


( i'm sharing these pictures taken last week, all self portraits. Thanks to my friend Maleny for helping me out to take these pictures. I promise something a little but more artsy for my next post . )

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doing silly faces .

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Alter ego .

Helloo guyss, i've been a little bit disconnected from all of this! from my blog, flickr, everything and i swear i have an excuse for that.
I've been extremely extremely busy doing homeworks and projects and all that, i'm frustrated because that takes ALL of my time so i can't do anything else AT ALL . I'm really tired all the time because i go to sleep very late and wake up very early and spend the entire day doing the same : homework.

My life changed since i moved back home, a lot of things are better but still i feel i need to make more changes. I keep listening to the stories my friends tell me about what they do, who they meet and what is like to live by themselves. I feel like my life is ZERO interesting, thats why i need to make a change, try new things,  meet new people, etc.

thats my current frustration .. i'm 19 years old and zero stories to tell .

This is just a short post, just to let you guys know i'm not dead! i hope my next post is full of pictures so you can take a look at them :) .

Here are the latest self-portraits  i took last week and i only had the chance to edit and upload them until now. Trying some other colors and processing here.

self portraits
all photos taken by me

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seeking a Great Perhaps .

    Hello everyone!
         i've been feeling down lately, really dont know why but my humor just changed one day and its still not back to normal.
        I have a couple of pictures to show you that includes a phrase that means a lot to me "seeking a great perhaps"  and thats what this post is about.
i found this phrase/quote on a book that i'm currently reading, its called "Looking for Alaska" and i can totally relate to the main character and why he says that.  The original phrase its actually from a french writer, those where his last words before he died: "i go to seek a great perhaps"  so in the book the main character is bored with his life and wants to go to a different city to find something new and when they ask him why he wants to go he says the same thing, that he goes to seek a great perhaps.
Those words really captured me. I find myself almost in the same position as the character in the book: kinda bored  with my life, trying to do different things, trying to get out of the same routine i've been doing for the past 19 years of my life. I've tried before and i've failed due to problems that i can't change and are not my fault. My parents and people ask me , "so, what do you want to do?" or "why do you feel this way?"  and everytime i answered i ended up really mad at myself because i couldn't explain,  they didn't understand.
I knew it al along that this was my answer , but i can finally say what i want to do or what i am doing.
Next time they ask me why do i want to go, i have my answer:  i want to go to seek a great perhaps .
I actually NEED that great perhaps, and i'll make it happen one way or another .

ps. you can ask me anything on my formspring or just say whatever that you want to say, even share a story.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Helloo, this post includes some photographs i already uploaded to flickr but i think it would be good to explain the concept behind the photographs and why  the " i grow flowers" theme .
ok well, like i said in my last post , my life has been pretty crazy lately, i'm back home again i had to make some decisions about university that i'm not happy about but theres nothing i can do about it. So all those decisions i had to do in so little time were driving me crazy, for real. This past year i've been living really ansious , stressed, depressed and overthinking EVERYTHING and im so so tired of all that, mentally tired.
What i really want to do is just enjoy, enjoy my life and every little detail there is because obviously i havent been doing that and i need to, so i'm asking myself : if theres nothing you can do about this , if you are staying home and not going to another city to college , why  not enjoy what you have? so that's what im really trying to do. I don't know if i'm gonna succeed on that but i really hope so , for my own sake.
And thats why i started developing the series "i grow flowers". For me this series represent that i need to do the best with what i have , leave the bullshit behind and start living my life or in other words : start growing life.
I need to start growing positive things that will make me act and think different so one day i can actually say "i'm happy" .
So, thats what these pictures represent : the start of this hopefully new ME growing all these things i need .

All taken by me , unless quoted.
All rights Reserved .

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 HELLO!  I know..... it's  been months since i last posted something, my bad . My life has been pretty crazy lately since i dropped university from the city i moved to in January and needed to decide what university to go and where before it was too late ! I'm a little bit more relaxed now and i'm back home so i'll try and do my best to not let this blog die .Two days ago i took pictures of a friend of mine, so of course i wanted to have pictures taken so we exchanged positions several times. It was not a proper shoot but her pictures ended up pretty good and i know she'll be very pleased .  I'll share with you some pictures of that day but these are just random pics to just post something. I need to post more often and keep you guys updated on what i'm doing. I'm planning some shoots and i know i've been saying that for a while now but its not easy to find pretty girls that would like to model for me and besides, i'm very picky when it comes to that .I have 2 shoots in mind and i promise promise i'll do them and share the pics with you. I have also been getting a lot of request of pictures , even from bathing suits stores and stuff so if i ever get to work on that , i'll share the images soon! It seems now that working as a photographer is actually happening .
Enjoy the pictures and expect more blog post to come!
Also :   Ask me anything http://formspring.me/monicacsalomon
OH! and if anyone out there knows how to change this blog and make it prettier and wants to help me that would be great! please!

And now, some pics of my lovely friend :