Sunday, July 24, 2011


Helloo, this post includes some photographs i already uploaded to flickr but i think it would be good to explain the concept behind the photographs and why  the " i grow flowers" theme .
ok well, like i said in my last post , my life has been pretty crazy lately, i'm back home again i had to make some decisions about university that i'm not happy about but theres nothing i can do about it. So all those decisions i had to do in so little time were driving me crazy, for real. This past year i've been living really ansious , stressed, depressed and overthinking EVERYTHING and im so so tired of all that, mentally tired.
What i really want to do is just enjoy, enjoy my life and every little detail there is because obviously i havent been doing that and i need to, so i'm asking myself : if theres nothing you can do about this , if you are staying home and not going to another city to college , why  not enjoy what you have? so that's what im really trying to do. I don't know if i'm gonna succeed on that but i really hope so , for my own sake.
And thats why i started developing the series "i grow flowers". For me this series represent that i need to do the best with what i have , leave the bullshit behind and start living my life or in other words : start growing life.
I need to start growing positive things that will make me act and think different so one day i can actually say "i'm happy" .
So, thats what these pictures represent : the start of this hopefully new ME growing all these things i need .

All taken by me , unless quoted.
All rights Reserved .

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 HELLO!  I know..... it's  been months since i last posted something, my bad . My life has been pretty crazy lately since i dropped university from the city i moved to in January and needed to decide what university to go and where before it was too late ! I'm a little bit more relaxed now and i'm back home so i'll try and do my best to not let this blog die .Two days ago i took pictures of a friend of mine, so of course i wanted to have pictures taken so we exchanged positions several times. It was not a proper shoot but her pictures ended up pretty good and i know she'll be very pleased .  I'll share with you some pictures of that day but these are just random pics to just post something. I need to post more often and keep you guys updated on what i'm doing. I'm planning some shoots and i know i've been saying that for a while now but its not easy to find pretty girls that would like to model for me and besides, i'm very picky when it comes to that .I have 2 shoots in mind and i promise promise i'll do them and share the pics with you. I have also been getting a lot of request of pictures , even from bathing suits stores and stuff so if i ever get to work on that , i'll share the images soon! It seems now that working as a photographer is actually happening .
Enjoy the pictures and expect more blog post to come!
Also :   Ask me anything
OH! and if anyone out there knows how to change this blog and make it prettier and wants to help me that would be great! please!

And now, some pics of my lovely friend :