Sunday, July 24, 2011


Helloo, this post includes some photographs i already uploaded to flickr but i think it would be good to explain the concept behind the photographs and why  the " i grow flowers" theme .
ok well, like i said in my last post , my life has been pretty crazy lately, i'm back home again i had to make some decisions about university that i'm not happy about but theres nothing i can do about it. So all those decisions i had to do in so little time were driving me crazy, for real. This past year i've been living really ansious , stressed, depressed and overthinking EVERYTHING and im so so tired of all that, mentally tired.
What i really want to do is just enjoy, enjoy my life and every little detail there is because obviously i havent been doing that and i need to, so i'm asking myself : if theres nothing you can do about this , if you are staying home and not going to another city to college , why  not enjoy what you have? so that's what im really trying to do. I don't know if i'm gonna succeed on that but i really hope so , for my own sake.
And thats why i started developing the series "i grow flowers". For me this series represent that i need to do the best with what i have , leave the bullshit behind and start living my life or in other words : start growing life.
I need to start growing positive things that will make me act and think different so one day i can actually say "i'm happy" .
So, thats what these pictures represent : the start of this hopefully new ME growing all these things i need .

All taken by me , unless quoted.
All rights Reserved .


  1. These are really beautiful photos, well done.
    And I hope everything works out in regards to your school/mindset.
    Enjoying where you are and WHO you are can be difficult, but change is constant, which is sometimes a really reassuring thought.


  2. thank you so much for your comment and for wishing everything works out good ! :)

  3. wow, these are amazing photos, very inventive!

  4. such beautiful photos

  5. wow, great ones! i like the tones and the mood of these photos...