Sunday, December 2, 2012

Soul mates, words for you.

Recently someone said to me that because of how i talk or what i say its seems like i am 50 years old. And well, i haven't lived that long but i've lived for some short 20 years in which i have discover what a soulmate truly is.
I'm really trying my best to write this and not make it sound as cliche as it already sounds but everything i write is completely true. Everyone have their own soulmate, that person who is with you even if they are not there. Time and space doesn't really matter when it comes to soulmates.
The misconception of what a soulmate really is is always there. They say your soulmate is that person who is far from you but eventually you'll be together, that destiny will make it happen. That destiny also wants the two of you to be lovers.
Absolutely everyone can be your soulmate. From father to mother, form brother to sister, from friend to best friend and even a stranger.
I admit i hate the misconception of a soulmate, i hate that soulmate is always mistaken for lover.
I am not in love and i have a soulmate.
Right now i don't care if that person knows or don't knows, or if that person cares. The only thing i know is that that person is my soulmate. A strange connection and a strange bond was made a long time ago and when sometimes it seems that that connection is broken, i know it will never be.
For you:
Maybe i'm giving you a lot more attention than what you actually deserve, but i don't care. You are already a soulmate, for me at least. I am as honest as i can possible be in this life and i will always be. So when i said i was your friend all that time ago, i meant it. We keep making promises we know life won't let us keep. I am not in love with you, i don't want you for me. 
I want you WITH me.
i want my friend with me.
i want you with me just like in the past, just like what we were and just like i know we can be again.
When i say that time and space doesn't really matter when it comes to soul mates, believe me its true. Because after all i consider you that, my soulmate.
Maybe we'll need 1 year or 2 or maybe 10 years, it doesn't really matter as long as we realize what we really are.


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