Tuesday, June 30, 2015

box of paradoxes.

There is no better way to describe myself but to say that I am a big box of paradoxes.
That is all I am.
I am here and then I am not.
I am the strongest girl you'll ever know but I can break in a second.
people like me and then they leave.
You'll leave but I still stay.

I am a big box of paradoxes because I keep telling myself I am an open window but every time I look the windows are closed and locked.
I want things and then I cant make them happen.
I try to run and my feet trip by themselves.
I am free in a cage I call my hometown.
but I am free.

I want to experience it all.
and then I don't want to experience a thing.
I don't really know if there is more.
if it is, I want to feel it.
I want to feel you.
I am scared but I don't want to be.
I was born with a lot of walls build around me and everyday I take one down.
But they outnumber my days.

Its been 23 years that I've been with myself.
Just me.
and I don't complain about that too often.
I like it.
but I wish I didn't.
My solitude is my biggest paradox.

i've grown into my own skin for the past years.
and yes, sometimes I wish I grew into someone else's skin.
but for now is just me.
just this skin
just this big box of paradoxes.
nothing and everything at the same time.
a girl that dreams that she has everything.
and a girl that lives like she has nothing.

I can give you the sweetest days of your life.
and the roughest days too.
I can give you the biggest smile you've ever seen
and I can also drown you in oceans of tears.

I am an ocean.
I am a tide.
I am a constant change between yes and no.


Self Portraits
April-June 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015


(one of the posters and images used)

I am so excited because finally I am able to release the entire series of these pictures. It was a commissioned shoot I was really excited to participate in. The project is called NEMESIS and it is a fashion show that the fashion students at my university are putting together.

The idea behind the fashion show or where they are taking their inspiration its in greek mythology and mythological creatures, so they wanted some dark and mysterious pictures for their publicity and advertisement and well, I had the perfect team to make it happen.

The story behind this series is that there is this beautiful woman, dressed in white and very pure but you can see she's got some attitude and as the story progresses she starts turning into this dark and mysterious creature that you can see at the end.

The entire team form the people that hired me, the model, make up artist and everyone else that helped they were awesome and I am thankful they trusted me to create their image for this important event, so thank you!
So now, the pictures:
(click to enlarge them)
Por fin puedo publicar esta serie de fotografías que moría por ganas de hacerlo. Fue un trabajo para un proyecto que me dio mucho gusto formar parte. El proyecto se llama NEMESIS y es una pasarela y evento de moda organizado por los alumnos de moda de mi universidad.

La idea detrás de esta pasarela o la inspiración es la mitologia griega y las criaturas mitológicas asi que querían imágenes oscuras y misteriosas y afortunadamente conté con el equipo perfecto de personas para llevarlo a cabo.
La historia detrás de esta serie es que está esta bella mujer vestida de blanco y pura, pero al mismo tiempo podemos ver que es una mujer con actitud y conforme la historia progresa vemos como esta bella mujer se va convirtiendo en una criatura oscura y misteriosa pero bella al mismo tiempo.

Todo el equipo, desde las personas que me contrataron, hasta la modelo, maquillista y todas las demás personas que ayudaron ese día fueron el equipo perfecto y gracias por confiarme con la imagen y fotografía para la publicidad de su evento!

Ahora, las fotos:
(Click para verlas en grande)

 (this one with the hands is my favorite)

2 pictures were also printed on a local magazine for advertisement: