Tuesday, December 20, 2011



I guess this is going to be a slightly different post than usual. I'm finally on winter break FREE  for a while, i really needed this time .
Its good for me to keep myself busy  so that way i wont fall into my over thinking process and into my nostalgia phase but i also like having time for myself and i think this Decemeber is going to be great month for that.
i have no "theme" for this particular post, i just want to keep in contact and post regularly.
Today i have no special photos to share BUT i do have something to show you. I've been taking film photographs and experimenting with film and i have my first roll, so thats what i'm sharing: my first film photographs, nothing special really just some photos of me around my citys downtown, my car my dog and stuff like that, this way you can see me and my surroundings. Thats whats this post is about.
I'm still taking lots of film photos so expect some more in the future, i think film is growing on me .

 On my last shoot ( the pics of my last post) i decided to take some with film :

my mom and the christmas tree .

   Looking For Alaska, my favorite book .
   My car, my dog and me .
Looking For Alaska .