Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nature & Youth .

Okey ! , so this is my second blog post and this time i have some pictures i took over the weekend.
 I love taking pictures of me and everything but for my next shoots i want to try and do a shoot with a model, like its supposed to be right?  i mainly do self portraits , but lets change things a bit. I decided to take pictures outdoors and in the golden hour and stuff since a lot of my portraits are of inside shoots. Thanks to my cousin who helped me take some of the pictures! and well, then we put the tripod and of course we had people staring but thats ok, we didnt care that much.
I have some ideas for other shoots since i want to start developing my style in photography so i have some interesting ideas but if you have suggestions let me know :).
So now, the pictures! :

 An this is my cousin ho helps me in my shoots :)

So there you go, i still have more pictures to edit but i think that these are the ones i liked the most oh and also let me just say that i never let my hair down, i always have my hair up in a bun, and i mean ALWAYS! but for this shoot just wanted something different, so hair down and a fedora semmed like a good way to go.
Done, enjoy the pics.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

sunny day at a parking lot .

Helloo everyonee :) , this is my first blog and my first time ever writing an entry. I had the idea of starting a blog to talk a little about me and to post some of my pictures and shoots that sometimes i dont post on my flickr, and just because i think is fun to have a blog !
 I'm having a little bit of trouble trying to get the blog to look just like i want to but once i get familiar with this i'll make it prettier and add a banner and stuff.
okay, so i'll start by talking a little about me: since january i moved to a big city here in Mexico  to start studying photography and its both good and nostalgic at the same time. I miss my home terribly and my social life too. I think this new experience will make me grow up, do different things and i dont know, maybe medite for a while but i hope i dont start to think to much 'cause that always ruins things for me.
I still dont know if i'll be able to hang and stay here for the next 3 years until i graduate but i mean, i have big plans for me so i'll try and stay strong for my own sake.
I'm living with some uncles and cousins so when i'm at the house i am not that alone, and one of the greatest things is that i get along pretty well with my cousin so we have a little fun thinkin about what to shoot next and to go and take pictures :).
And nowww some picturess! this are from last month, we went to a parking lot and took these, hope you like this and the pics ill show you on my next posts. :)