Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nature & Youth .

Okey ! , so this is my second blog post and this time i have some pictures i took over the weekend.
 I love taking pictures of me and everything but for my next shoots i want to try and do a shoot with a model, like its supposed to be right?  i mainly do self portraits , but lets change things a bit. I decided to take pictures outdoors and in the golden hour and stuff since a lot of my portraits are of inside shoots. Thanks to my cousin who helped me take some of the pictures! and well, then we put the tripod and of course we had people staring but thats ok, we didnt care that much.
I have some ideas for other shoots since i want to start developing my style in photography so i have some interesting ideas but if you have suggestions let me know :).
So now, the pictures! :

 An this is my cousin ho helps me in my shoots :)

So there you go, i still have more pictures to edit but i think that these are the ones i liked the most oh and also let me just say that i never let my hair down, i always have my hair up in a bun, and i mean ALWAYS! but for this shoot just wanted something different, so hair down and a fedora semmed like a good way to go.
Done, enjoy the pics.


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  1. Hola cousin.
    Me encantó tu blog, leí todo, no me había podido meter.
    Que bonitas fotos y la de nosotras la amé, lo sabes.

    Te quiero mucho, sabes que te apoyo en esta etapa y some changes are for good, it's great to know that u see me as a positive fact of being here,and u know, sometimes is good to go out and get a little bit of fun shooting while people is staring, we are differeeeNT and that's nice.

    Thanks for sharing this part of your life with me, the beginning of your career (that is gonna be a huge KAPPPPOOOM!) and for sharing also the beginning of mine working and being a professional ..

    So te amo a lot :*
    Keep that spirit alive.