Friday, October 12, 2012

Life & Death

Last week i was finally able to release some photos of a shoot i did more than 3 months ago.
I really liked the pictures, and the team ( model, stylist) were great and i really want to work with them again. I already posted these photos into my facebook page and i just had time right now to do the blog post.
I took these photographs for a local magazine and they published them for the october issue, thats why i had to wait so long! but they are finally here.
I don't wan't to ramble too much about things right now, i'll leave all the ramble for other blog posts.
Hope you like the pictures.

I'm very proud of these pictures.

the lovely team that worked with me was:
Model: Cristina Diaz
Make up: Tatiana Zazueta
Clothes and Styling: Pau Barroso
Photography and Post Production: Monica Cazares S.

They went with this picture for the magazine cover: