Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seeking a Great Perhaps .

    Hello everyone!
         i've been feeling down lately, really dont know why but my humor just changed one day and its still not back to normal.
        I have a couple of pictures to show you that includes a phrase that means a lot to me "seeking a great perhaps"  and thats what this post is about.
i found this phrase/quote on a book that i'm currently reading, its called "Looking for Alaska" and i can totally relate to the main character and why he says that.  The original phrase its actually from a french writer, those where his last words before he died: "i go to seek a great perhaps"  so in the book the main character is bored with his life and wants to go to a different city to find something new and when they ask him why he wants to go he says the same thing, that he goes to seek a great perhaps.
Those words really captured me. I find myself almost in the same position as the character in the book: kinda bored  with my life, trying to do different things, trying to get out of the same routine i've been doing for the past 19 years of my life. I've tried before and i've failed due to problems that i can't change and are not my fault. My parents and people ask me , "so, what do you want to do?" or "why do you feel this way?"  and everytime i answered i ended up really mad at myself because i couldn't explain,  they didn't understand.
I knew it al along that this was my answer , but i can finally say what i want to do or what i am doing.
Next time they ask me why do i want to go, i have my answer:  i want to go to seek a great perhaps .
I actually NEED that great perhaps, and i'll make it happen one way or another .

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