Sunday, September 18, 2011

Alter ego .

Helloo guyss, i've been a little bit disconnected from all of this! from my blog, flickr, everything and i swear i have an excuse for that.
I've been extremely extremely busy doing homeworks and projects and all that, i'm frustrated because that takes ALL of my time so i can't do anything else AT ALL . I'm really tired all the time because i go to sleep very late and wake up very early and spend the entire day doing the same : homework.

My life changed since i moved back home, a lot of things are better but still i feel i need to make more changes. I keep listening to the stories my friends tell me about what they do, who they meet and what is like to live by themselves. I feel like my life is ZERO interesting, thats why i need to make a change, try new things,  meet new people, etc.

thats my current frustration .. i'm 19 years old and zero stories to tell .

This is just a short post, just to let you guys know i'm not dead! i hope my next post is full of pictures so you can take a look at them :) .

Here are the latest self-portraits  i took last week and i only had the chance to edit and upload them until now. Trying some other colors and processing here.

self portraits
all photos taken by me


  1. somehow i know exactly what you trying to say
    i wish i would be able to take self- portraits like you do
    i will be glad if you look at my pictures too

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  3. these pictures are stunning.
    and i totally understand what you're saying about wanting to have stories..i felt that way for the longest but now i'm deciding to truly live life, and the stories will come :)

  4. thanks guys :)
    and yes, i need to finally live life, i really hope i don't take to long to do that.