Sunday, November 6, 2011


it seems that every time i try to write something in this blog its about me wanting to do something different. wanting to go places or change things but nothing ever happens.
 I recently came across a video of a tv series i used to like, and on the video the character is reading an essay he wrote and it was about his  "tragic flaw" saying that he couldn't change, that the more things change, the more they stay the same. And that really got me thinking...its absolutely true.
  No matter how bad i want things to change, they don't.  why? i would love to know but i don't.

So yeah, my tragic flaw is basically the same : my inability to change.
and oohh what a flaw.

 There are quotes around that says that the people who look the happiest, or are always smiling are the ones that once they get home, they feel lonely and cry at the comfort of their loneliness and i can assure you, this is totally true because i am one of those people and i never even realized .
Sometimes i think, am i the only one thinking all these things? am i really this fucked up? why the hell do i have to always think think think and rethink everything? that gets me nowhere, and as much as i try i cannot change that and thats my tragic flaw.

I'm looking forward to write one day on this blog and be proud to say that i've changed. I know that "change" doesn't happen over night and by the time that we change maybe we don't even notice. But once we do we don't really want to go back, cause thats what life is about right?  to enjoy and become a better person.

Maybe a lot of people share the same tragic flaw, maybe we are having a hard time to change and yes it is bad, but we are not killing anyone...maybe ourselves a little .


( i'm sharing these pictures taken last week, all self portraits. Thanks to my friend Maleny for helping me out to take these pictures. I promise something a little but more artsy for my next post . )

ps. i'm answering questions on formspring so if you want to ask something go ahead, i'll answer!
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doing silly faces .


  1. Gorgeous!! Really, you are so amazing. I love your style!

    Love, Eva

  2. hey super cool!! me encantaron(: y sales súper bonita!!