Sunday, November 27, 2011


        Crowded streets, city lights, tall buildings, walls full of art, people running around late for work, coffee shops full of lovers of good literature, taxi men full of stories to talk with passengers, inspiration .
      Those are some of the few things that come to my mind when i think about New York City.
     Cliche? Not at all .
     This blog post is called "Big Dreams", because THIS all of what i'm mentioning here is my dream.  Living in New York, build a life there, start in a small apartment and then move my way up, walk the streets of this city and be amazed at what i see.  I want to be a photographer, be involved in film, fashion, everything and theres where New York City comes in.  What a better city  to be all that? Just NY.
  You may think why am i not talking about Paris if i want to do all that,  and i'm not saying i'll never live in Paris but, New York has  my heart.

     I'm 19 i wanted to go to college there, unfortunately money  was not on my side so i was not able to go but BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY  that one day i'll be there and i'll wake up to a beautiful view of the city from my window, i'll walk the streets and take pictures of absolutely everything, every day, every hour, every minute, every second.  I'll never get tired of taking pictures there, and it won't matter if its the same picture of the same place at the same hour, because i will always find something different and thats the beauty of NY.
I've never been to NY and yes, i know some of you are thinking "why is she talking and saying all of this about NY if she have never visited?"   I would think the same, but like i said New York has my heart and thats why  right now i don't need to visit to know all of this because well.. i just know.
  I can't wait to visit the city of my dreams, the city where i want to move and build a part of my life, meet people and cultivate what i do and what  i like to do.
i know its not far away.
I've always been a girl that over think stuff but most important i've always been a girl that dreams a lot, and i dream big.
I think we all need that, so go ahead and do it : DREAM BIG .


ps. These are some pictures i took yesterday, well actually today like at 5 am obviously inspired in NY. The self portrait is my picture and the overlay picture of New York is not mine, i found it and wanted to create something just for doing art. So credits for the NY picture  go to whoever took it .

black and white version , which one do you prefer?

      and a simple self portrait .

Any questions?


  1. You are so beautiful, omg. I prefer the one in colours! Lovely.