Sunday, July 22, 2012

Different .

Finally a blog post with some new pictures. yay!
I did a small test shoot two days ago to shoot in RAW and do something different with my processing. I have to be honest, it is the BEST thing! my whole world just opened because it is way more easier to retouch and add color to my photographs than shooting with jpeg. I spent the whole night retouching these pictures and i never realized it was 7 am because i was so entertained and excited about my "discovery".
These pictures are a bit different than what i am used to do, i tend to shoot on really natural places, in the woods or places like that but this time i went a different way.
I hope you like them, i really can't wait to shoot lots and lots of pictures.

i  am pleased with the results, now i can say that photoshop is growing on me .
Now, i have a sneak peek of another shoot i did that i can't show the pictures yet but soon i'll share 
them :)


  1. beautiful photos! love the outfits! xx

  2. Very beautiful model and good sights !
    With love Evia

  3. These images are totally outrageous!

    Loving your blog,

  4. Woow! Stunning locations, beautiful girl and great outfit!! Your shorts and your blouse are really beautiful!! The first and third picture are my favourits!!

    Hope you visit me on my blog