Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I crossed through the gate of fear
and I was welcomed by the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.
The kind of eyes that tell you they could love you.
and the kind of eyes that tell you they may deceive you.
I sat in front of them and all i wanted to do was to count your eyelashes.
All I wanted was to see through them.
and I think I did.
I crossed through the gate of fear.
The one I built for myself.
and I didn't stumble.
 I saw you.
and my heart wondered if love lies on your bare skin.
or in your eyes.
or in every single one of your eyelashes.
The same ones that I want to count.
but it also wondered if it would see itself broken on your bare hands.
the same hands that I want to touch.
and the same skin that I want to melt into mine.
I crossed through my gate of fear.
and I realize it didn't give me a yes or a no answer.
or a "love" or "heartbreak" answer.
but it gave me you.
and it is with you that I'll find the answer.


This is the last day of the year and I'm supposed to do a post about what happened in 2014 but I haven't figured it out yet so I guess that will wait until the first days of January. I hope. So instead I'm sharing a recent self portrait and some words I wrote a few months back. And to be honest, one of my favorites.

If you are wondering about what I wrote...Yes, I think I found my answer. 
Whatever that means.

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