Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tiny Ocean

The other day I went to the sea and walked along the shore
with the attempt to forget about a few things
but all the ocean did was to remind me of you.
That day the ocean gave me colors
and it gave me air
and beauty.
I walked and I couldn't help but think that those colors didn't match your eyes.
but it was beautiful
I couldn't help thinking that there was only one set of footprints.
but the tide washed them off
and I couldn't help but think that in all the pictures I took, there was no trace of you.
but there was a trace of me
then it hit me:
I was there ready to take a hit
ready to take the tide and take a leap into the ocean
I was gonna meet you there.
at the middle.
But you got lost.
Somehow my tiny ocean swallowed you.


this place was so beautiful. I just wanted to stay there forever. 

and finally, i thought it was time to upload a picture of me smiling.

Self Portraits

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