Sunday, February 5, 2012


FINALLY! between school, projects and a lot more stuff i've managed to finish editing the pics of the last shoot i did. They are a lot so i will post them in 2 separate posts.
I've been experimenting with film, and with the little time i've been doing it i can say i really like it. But the "hard" part was the processing, it was quite difficult but i ended up with pictures i really like and  to be my first film shoot i thing they are alright, i also shot digital just in case .

  I have about 7 hours left to stop being a teen. Yeepp, i'm turning 20 . I don't really want to be 20, i really don't want it to be my birthday, i don't like it. I don't know why, i have never really celebrated my birthday in a big way. Lets see what being 20 feels like.

Here are the pics, some film and some digital, expect more from this shoot in a couple of days.



still have lot more pics to show you.


  1. Buenas noches y feliz compleaños Monica! Was a great day here in South Carolina for a birthday... it was just like Spring!

    I'm the same way... I don't think my birthday's a big deal at all, so I don't care if noone remembers it. I grew up shooting film and learned how to process it in school later, so it is very nostalgic to me. I think it is great to still teach it in school, because it helps you learn the foundation and background for modern digital photography. I also think it's great that you and others still do that.

    Great pics as usual. Have a great week!


    1. thank youu!
      i had a good birthday :) and yeah, film is actually great, i love it! itss difficult but i learn something everyday.

      Thank you! :)


  2. the last one shot on digital is just marvelous! <3 and the ones you took on film are all really great - the third is my favourite. you should shoot more film photos for sure. and I can´t wait to see the rest of the photos.

  3. muy buenas fotos :D siempre mejoras después de cada sesión