Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Winds .

   I have about 6 ours left of winter break and i'll be spending those 6 hours trying to sleep but i know i'll fail. I'll go to school without any sleep on my body and mind and i'll try and carry a smile around for the entire day, thats what i do almost every day .

   This past december i had time to be me, had time to go to bed really late, overthink stuff nobody else would bother on thinking and to get nostalgic as usual, but this time the good nostalgic .
I've been thinking about one thing lately...luck. Do you believe on luck? it really doesn't matter if we believe or not but it does happen for some people. I've never been lucky, i mean i consider myself lucky for everything i have but i'm talking about the other type of luck, that luck that makes you think or that makes you happy . That luck that happens when you less expect it and change things for good. I really wish i was that kind of lucky person, but for me the more i want things the less they happen so i'll leave it there.

Lets see what this year brings for me, and i hope that after this summer big changes will actually happen, or why not.. maybe sooner.

 Here are some random film pictures i took this past month, just experimenting with film. ALSO i had a photo shoot this week with a friend of mine so i'll add some pictures as a sneak peak of my next post.

 Film self portrait .

 My dog, cocolisa.

 Working late at night .

 Bad picture of me and my dog infront of the christmas tree .

 Books by candle light.


 Me playing the piano.


These are film. but i also shot some digital, i'll show them all on my next posts, i'm improving my skills on editing film.

enjoy .



  1. Hi Monica,

    Great thoughts and something worthwhile to ponder. I don't believe in luck as much as I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe everything, or almost everything happens from a combination of divine providence and our own actions or inactions. I think probably when people's goals come to pass/dreams come true it's because they work hard to achieve them more so than having luck or random opportunities. I do however, think sometimes things happen to people that seem to be random and/or unjustified, and I think those things could be called luck, or divine intervention. On the spiritual side, I also believe in something that some people call "Karma"… I just specifically believe in the more biblical "reap what you sow" idea. I believe this certainly has an affect on what happens in our lives.

    Don't let feeling unlucky discourage you. I truly believe that if you really want to make certain things in your life happen, and you work hard to attain those things, they will happen for you. Don't give up on your goals or your dreams! That reminds me, Dave Ramsey says "the difference between a dream and a goal is a plan". Very true statement! For goals you need more than a dream, you need a concrete plan on how you want to attain that goal.

    Nice pics too! :)


    1. Hi jonathan, thanks for taking the time to read the post and also thank you for your kind words!
      and yes, i'll work hard and i believe things will start to happen. if i'm sure about something is i'll never give up.



  2. two in the bottom look lovely, wonder what the digital ones will be like. :}

  3. two last photos look great! i'm looking forward to see more of this. :)

  4. thank you! i still have some photos to edit and process but i'll make sure i finish and do a blog post with them by the end of this week!

  5. I love photography and your pics are really amazing!

    i play the piano too :-)

    i invite you to visit me and enjoy the vigo recicla fashion experience

    A chic kiss ;-)

  6. What amazing pictures you took with the film camera. I want to get a film camera, but I am hesitant because I don't know (yet) how to work in the dark room. And If I am going to do film, I want to know the B-A-BA of the art.
    As for luck, i totally feel ya. I am not the luckiest girl (in the way you explained it) either. But I am lucky to have what I already have, for which I am grateful.

  7. thank you for stopping and checking out my blog and pictures :) , and yes i do think film is hard but with practice you can get good at it! so try it :)

    we should always be grateful :)