Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pretty things can come out of scars.

One time I read something along the lines of: 

“There is people that still thinks that pretty things can’t come out of scars”

Let me tell you: they can.
pretty things come can come out of scars.
they come with a ravishing force waking you up at the middle of the night.
they come in the form of obsessive thoughts.
of anxiety attacks.
and tears.

For me, all of this is beautiful.
I have scars because of all of that.
Or I have all of that because of my scars, I don’t really know.

some people think that you can choose not to be like this.
but let me tell you again: you can’t.
thats why they are called scars.
scars fade, but never go away.
for some you are a walking complication.
to others you are chaos.
sometimes you cry black, sometimes you cry pink.
but don’t you get it?
pretty things can come out of scars.

Maybe I am a walking complication.
maybe I am chaos.
Or maybe you are.
Maybe this is me trying to convince myself that pretty things can come out of scars.


Self Portraits.
December 2015

(I've been having the worst writers block ever, so yes, this is shit)

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