Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Everything hits harder at night

(random photographs I had laying around on my laptop, nothing really special)

Everything hits harder at night
it hits like a big wave
like the strongest tide
it hits like and earthquake
and like a tornado.
it pulls you up when its black outside and puts you down when the sun goes up
the night feeds me
it feeds me with words and fears
it feeds me with anxieties and endless thoughts
it feeds me with everything I am and everything I am not.
the night molds me into a shape I don't recognize anymore.
and it sometimes molds me into a shape I've become comfortable with.
a shape I've learned to be comfortable with because it really isn't
Everything hits harder at night.
it hits harder because while the world is asleep I am awake.
while the minds are resting mine is imploding.
it hits because while there is no sound at night I can still hear voices.
Maybe that is why people sleep through the night.
maybe they don't want to feel the strongest wave
or the tide
or the earthquake
or the tornado
but sometimes you have no choice.



After I wrote this I hesitated about posting it because after I read it a few times I think it sounds so sad and depressing. Also I really didn't have the proper photographs to post it with. I promise things are not this bad, I think, but thats what came out as I sat down and write.


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