Sunday, May 13, 2012


what is destiny? 
 people know destiny as a lot of different things.  They see it as something that is meant to be, what life has planned for you  while other say that destiny is for weak people cause you are just waiting on life to bring what you should bring for yourself. 
I see it as the "why am i here", i see it as what i need to do in life to accomplish what i want, i see it as who i am, who i will be and who and what i want to be. I do believe things are  meant to be, i really do. Is something without explanation, something you just know because you feel it.
I've been feeling like that lately, like its meant to be and i strongly believe it is. I am impatiently waiting for summer. A summer full of relaxing evenings, friends, photos and inspiration. A summer when i will know if it is actually meant to be, just like i now it is.
 I've always known what it feels like to want something so bad for so long but now i can actually see and feel for real what it is to want something or someone for you. It has changed me and i know once i come closer i will change forever, because it's meant to be .
 I have faith on destiny, and on life.


p.s.. my new camera is being delivered tomorrow so expect lots of pics, posts and writings.

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