Monday, April 9, 2012

MEXICO, tourist post.

It's been a while away from the blog. Between school and projects i have zero time and thats why i have zero photos to show you BUT, i was lucky enough to finally be able to take a trip and this time i visited Mexico City and lots of other pretty places so i'll share some of the pics with you.
This time it's not so much a work/photography post related but more of a  personal/kind of tourist pictures  and words i want to share .

  We went all the way from where i live to Mexico City on a bus, so the road was kinda long but i really didn't care because i had music as company and honestly i was excited for those more than 20 hours on the road full of music and time to think.
I never new that i was never going to listen to ANY music at all because i spent those 20 hours talking or sleeping.  The trip was an university trip so there were some classmates with me and other students from different semesters, people i never thought i was going to meet or have fun with but i did, i had a lot of fun.

  I slept for the majority of the road and when i finally woke i could not believe my eyes.  Literally it was the first thing i saw and i was already amazed.  Our first stop was at the Teotihuacan Pyramids, and this is what i saw from the bus at 6 am when we arrived:

6 am cellphone picture 

Aerostatic ballons flying everywhere with the pyramids as canvas, it looked so beautiful. We spent the entire day at the pyramids, it was my second time there but last time i didn't get any pictures so this was my chance to capture the beauty i had in front of me and i did.


me at the top of the pyramid .


at the top of the pyramid of the sun, looking at the pyramid of the moon.

contemplating the view

the rest of the week was really hectic, by the end of the day we were really tired but we still managed to get some energies. We went out at night a few times to malls, stores and bars with amazing music.

This time i really felt the city, i felt it.  I've always liked the 2 extremes: big cities full of everything and living on the top of the mountain with nothing but the wild and this time i fell in love with the city all over again.   I walked downtown and felt the energy and i could feel the rush.  I walked in crowded streets, found alleys and streets full of old books at sale, found amazing history between the walls of amazing buildings.

 on top of  "torre latinoamericana" with a view to Mexico city

me walking at the pyramids 

at some museum

art nouveau

 post office

palacio de bellas artes at night  

our walks through the city 

       After our days in the city we continued or trip to some pretty little towns starting with morelia then, patzcuaro, janitzio, quiroga and tzin tzun tzan .


 Walking with the sunset


 Musicians playing at a boat .

 tzin tzun tzan 

 complete freedom


into the wild

This last picture is my favorite of the bunch, i don't know why. When i first got there this spot called my attention, it had such an amazing view to a lake and mountains. Everyone else just passed by this spot and didn't realize the beauty of it. i had to take a picture and i think this one represents what this trip meant for me.

When i came back home almost a year ago, i had no intention of staying here again. I wanted so bad to move to a different city, meet new people, another university and more. I have no idea how i ended up here, with this people and this school. The only thing i know is that it is growing on me and i never thought i would feel like this, like things are finally going to change. They will change, i'm sure and in the mean time i'll make the most of it.